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Best Dog Ever!


Malshies Are Like Toddlers


In many ways, our Malshi is like a human toddler.


She likes routines.


She likes to go to bed at the same time every night, and has a particular place she likes to sleep- on the bed, of course.


She sometimes very much wants to be held, and


sometimes very much wants to be down running around.


She thinks she is big enough to handle anything,

but actually needs help quite often.








After the traumatic death of my parents within a couple of years of each other,


life stopped,


and while I went back to work after the funeral and continue to move forward as I was expected to,


the truth was that it was anything but forward.


I threw myself into my work, and hoped the long hours would help to get me back on track.


While I was very productive and efficient,

I was still not moving forward when I got home after work - There, life was still at a standstill since their death.


Then came our malshi,

a little mixed breed dog

that wasn't quite potty trained when he arrived.


I had heard of the healing power of pets,

and while I love dogs and cats -

I was too focused on the unimaginable loss 

to even consider how they could be of help in

our grief journey. 


I was wrong, totally wrong. 


Within the first day of bringing  our malshi into our lives,

our grief journey was never the same.


Grief is still there,

but there is something about Dusty

that has forced us to focus and

smile on the moment,


on now, and to start seeing the steps forward from here." 




The pup didn’t have a name,

a tag or a chip,

and no one was quite certain what mix of breeds he was

a Malshi, perhaps?



On Saturday, Michele Haggiag was sitting by the ship’s swimming pool, watching the sunrise with Bella, her Mal-Shi (a Maltese-Shih Tzu mix).


Haggiag, who was heading to South Carolina with her husband, said friends and neighbors had to leave pets with neighbors and friends as they scrambled to get off the island.


Others simply abandoned the animals to their fate.


In a battered region suffering from trauma fatigue,

the plight of pets still resonates.


Haggiag’s voice cracked as she talked

about the ability to bring her dog —

another member of the family — aboard.


“I just can’t believe how we’re being treated,”

she said, as Bella sat in her lap.


“It’s as if we were travelers and guests, not evacuees.”





Malshi Owner Stories